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Productspecificatie samengesteld door Eclarion

Feature rich product specifications


Eclarion can automatically generate legally correct ingredients declarations. Ingredients are cleverly merged and broken down, exactly where you want it.

List of allergens

Allergens are automatically calculated and specified based on EU labelling requirements.

Japanese customers? No problem, show matsutake or yamwortel by using country-specific allergen lists.

Nutritional values

Eclarion automatically calculates nutritional values, weight loss, portion size and recommended daily allowance (RDA).


Along with an engaging image, the product description forms a great intro to your product.

Packaging information

Full packaging information, such as packaging type, dimensions, description, EAN codes and pallet loading. All data can be seamlessly synced with GS1.

Organoleptic characteristics

Sensory values, such as taste, odor, color and consistency. Control of organoleptic features help ensure the quality of your product.


Simply lay down the microbiological standards of the recipe. This is part of Regulation (EC) No. 2073/2005 on the microbiological criteria for foodstuffs.

GMO information

Are your products free from GMO? Include a non-GMO statement to indicate that your product is GMO free.

Analytic and physical data

Important values like moisture content or pH that are often recorded per customer. Eclarion is able to send these metrics to your QMS system.


Register various methods of preparation.

Shelf life and storage conditions

Often a compulsory component according to the food law. Besides an expiration date you can record special storage conditions.

Custom fields

Eclarion helps you get along with a clear standard. Additionally, you can add fields to customize the product specification.

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