FoodRecall partners with Eclarion in recall management

Food recall

FoodRecall specializes in preventing recalls (recall prevention), guiding companies during a recall (recall management) and supporting companies in disputes as a result of a recall (** claim management **).

There is a lot to consider when managing a recall. You will have to deal with the NVWA, your customers, your suppliers, your insurer and before you know it, your company is being seriously damaged. Obviously, you want to be accompanied by an expert in this field, during a recall.

FoodRecall bases its expertise on years of experience gained in the Dutch and international food industry in guiding product recalls and preventing them.

Collaboration with Eclarion

FoodRecall has a lot of experience with Eclarion and can therefore act quickly and adequately in the event of a recall. Also take a look at our "company scan" and "annual recall exercise".

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