Food Quality Research partners with Eclarion

Food quality research

Food Quality Research has years of experience in recording product specifications in accordance with EU Regulation 1169/2011 and Commodities Act Decree on Food Labeling. The thorough practical knowledge and experience make Food Quality Research the right partner for healthcare institutions, catering companie and meal products.

Food Quality Research can offer support on the following points:

  • Recording data in product specifications for dishes, in accordance with EU legislation.

  • Analyzing the nutritional relationship to the Guidelines for a Healthy Diet of the Health Council and the Netherlands Nutrition Center.

  • Knowledge and advice on the function of additives, but also on (possible) side effects.

  • Producing clean label products.

  • Method for objectively valuing the culinary quality of products.

  • Analysis of the integral quality of the range of dishes, the menu cycle or the range using the ** Food Quality Scan **

  • Advice on new construction, renovation and furnishing production facilities

  • Realizing quality systems for food production

  • Process analysis and process organization

  • Internal audit (HACCP / BRC / IFS etc.) + reporting and advice

  • Providing training "Recognizing and dealing with Allergens".

  • Making the quality of food transparent and measurable.

The collaboration with Eclarion

Food Quality Research has extensive knowledge in working with Eclarion. They can assist in the registration of product specifications, ingredient declarations, allergens and nutritional values within Eclarion.

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