Integrate Codesoft with Eclarion


Codesoft is a powerful barcode label design application with unparalleled flexibility. Whether it is managing distribution channels and stock levels or being able to track documents, Codesoft offers a solution for the most advanced labeling needs within your organization.

Codesoft is packed with features you need to meet a variety of suppliers.

** Characteristics **

• Easy to use - The intuitive user interface allows users to get started quickly and efficiently with the application. • Powerful - 100+ barcode formats allow you to easily comply with industry standards. • Connectivity - Codesoft supports complex integration with databases and other business systems. • RFID - Codesoft provides support for creating RFID labels and native printer drivers for 300+ RFID compatible printers.

** Benefits **

  • Design Complex Labels - Codesoft is an advanced label design application that makes it easy to design a label. Use database links or add barcodes such as HIBC or GS1 Databar.
  • Increase efficiency - Easily integrate RFID technology into existing and new business processes. Adding code soft to business processes is easy with the intelligent interface, helpful wizards and simple database connections.
  • Grow - The extensibility capabilities of other Teklynx business applications enable Codesoft to integrate seamlessly within any level of business solutions.

Integration with Eclarion

Codesoft can be linked to Eclarion in various ways. Often an Excel data source is used.

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