Foodatelier partners with Eclarion in product development


Foodatelier helps companies from the food industry with product development and new strategies. Besides analyzing and improving existing production processes, new concepts are also developed.

There is a constant search for the right balance between culinary and technological development. Well thought out plans and a permanent commitment to implementation make the big difference.

Foodatelier works with a team of young and experienced professionals in the field of strategy, marketing, product development and market research. It's about the experience of today and making your product even more valuable. Which market approach is most promising for both supplier and product?

Integration with Eclarion

Foodatelier uses Eclarion to develop new concepts in the food industry. Controlling nutritional values, allergens and general product specifications are indispensable in the process.

Curious about which new concepts Foodatelier can develop for your company? Foodatelier - New business development in food.

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