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Eclarion in 2 minutes.

Smart recipe management.


Beautiful product specifications

Recepturen overzicht

Organize your recipes.
Quick and easy.

Nowadays, customers are more demanding. Which products are gluten-free? Can you lower the salt content? What are the microbiological characteristics?

You must be able to shift gears quickly. Gain valuable insights with Eclarion.


Use up-to-date information from your suppliers

Eclarion has a two-way connection with the supplier database of "PS in Foodservice". Frequently used ingredient information is predefined.

Avoid unnecessary typing and failures. Eclarion saves you loads of valuable time.

Producten samenstellen

Compose recipes without limits

Add all your recipes by adding ingredients with the right amount.

The ingredient declaration is automatically compiled. Eclarion always complies with the latest EU legislation.

Voedingswaarde berekenen

Calculate automatic allergens and nutritional value

Always have the correct nutritional value and allergens available.

Eclarion takes out all the calculations, including the calculation of moisture and fat losses.


The correct information on your label

Ranging from fully automated production lines to simple adhesive labels. Use Bartender, Nicelabel or a custom solution through our API.

Always the right information on the label. Clear about content with Eclarion.

Productspecificatie samengesteld door Eclarion

Beautiful product specifications

Inform customers with tailor-made product specifications

Carefully compiled with the right information.
The best business card for your product.